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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

*HOT *HOT*HOT FREE 8 X 10 - Canvas People

Get one for your first day back to school pictures, vacation memories, 4th of July photos, graduation photos, babies, and those special family moments! The Canvas People will give you a free 8x10 photo canvas, or a $50 credit toward a larger canvas. Just pay the shipping. These are really cool if you've never seen them, a wrapped canvas, not some cheap print at all!!! Cherish it for years to come :)

How It Works
1) Choose and upload the photo you would like printed
2) Choose what size. (8x10 is free + shipping/handling after $50 credit)
3) Chose any "extras" (framing, etc.)
5) Enter shipping information
6) Pay the $14.95 shipping/handling (this is a GREAT deal for one of these)

I'd love to see what yours looks like, let us know if you get one and send us a pic!


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