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Monday, September 5, 2011

I Won't Be On Tomorrow

Good Evening to YOU!  (it's still debatable for me)

I have pre-planned postings for you tomorrow and won't be on much to post hot deals/coupons/giveaways that may arise. I get to spend Tuesday morning having an endoscopy done - I know, exciting, right?

Have you ever eaten something and had that "stuck-in-the-throat" feeling, that will dissipate when you drink something, to help push everything down? Imagine having that EVERY time you eat ANYTHING and nothing stops it or relieves it. Everything just sits there, caught somewhere between your neck and your chest. Your not sure whether you should even breath and often wonder if you're going to choke. Yep... I have that!!! Hubby says I've cornered the market on making eating look painful. It downright sucks, especially for someone who loves food as much as I do.

It's been going on for months and it's not getting better and in fact has gotten worse. So hubby was nice enough to take me to a specialist. (OK~ he sort of forced me, kicking and screaming, I just don't like to hear bad news).

Doctor decided it was a good idea to stick a camera down my throat tomorrow, to see what makes me tick. If I'm lucky they'll simply stretch my esophagus and I'll be done with choking on my own food. If I'm not so lucky they'll tell me what a huge Hiatel Hernia I have and plan surgery to fix it. If I've really offended the karma gods - well let's not go there....I like to think they favor me.

I think I've caught everything early enough. *finger crossed*

Yeah....wish me luck.

P.S. Mr. Free Goodies may check in for me - so be patient with his lack of re-posting skills, he does try!


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