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Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Health Insurance but Hubby Needed his Meds!

Free Pharmacy Card

I mentioned the other day that my hubby had officially lost his health insurance. We found out when trying to fill a script at the pharmacy and then verified it. What makes it worse is my husband also has Tourette's Syndrome and can't go without his medications. He has plenty of refills to last for a bit, but his medicine costs a pretty penny (or several, lol). Luckily, we had this as a back-up and it is completely FREE. We were able to refill his medications and instead of paying over $100, we paid only $20!!!! It was really a money saver for us and I hope it can help someone else in their time of need. Get a free pharmacy discount card and save on all of your prescription drugs now.

I'm so thankful this is something out there for people like us. While I am lucky that my health insurance is good, my husband won't qualify for his until next June. This should hold us over until then and allow him to continue with his treatment.


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