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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Publix Deal 2/20 THEY PAID ME TO SHOP

I never shopped at Publix until December of this past year because I always thought they were more expensive. Now I save at least 75% on my groceries each trip I make, combining store coupons with MFG Q's! This trip, Publix opened up their register and paid me $1.97 to take their items out of the store!You heard me right....they paid me, I owed them nothing.

February 20th 2011 Publix Trip
Publix paid me $1.97 to take these items out of their store!!!
Saved: $73.71
Retail Value: $71.74
That's a 103% Savings

My trip included:
20 cans Hunts Tomato Sauce
3 Cool Blue Agent Listerine
3 Wolfgang Puck Soups
1 Ben Gay Vanishing Scent
5 packs of Maybelline Eye Liner
4 50 count Advil Pain Reliever
3 1/2 loaves of freshly baked Publix Deli Bread