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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are you a Prepper? Food for Your Bug Out Bag!

MyFoodStorage Meals provide your family the peace of mind in any emergency situation. If you need emergency food storage  or long term food  they have the package for you. MyFoodStorage products have a 25 year shelf life, best quality, best prices and are ready to eat in minutes by just adding water! Not to mention the fastest food storage delivery around. 

My Food Storage provides families and individuals with the highest quality long term food available. Their food is made with the freshest ingredients, grown on farms across the United States, rich in nutrients and robust with natural flavor. They provide you with the best freeze dried food storage quality, taste, and value in long term food. Gourmet freeze-dried meals are meticulously crafted to meet your standards and needs. Sealed tight within our efficient Mylar pouches and then locked within durable buckets, our meals carry a 25 year shelf life, no rotation needed. 


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