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Monday, December 17, 2012

FREE Nicotine Patches

Did you know that Free nicotine patches are available to smokers who want to quit? The resources which are nicotine replacement therapy (NRTs) products are available in many parts of the USA and other international locations. They are mostly funded by governments and non-profit organizations to help those who are quitting smoking quickly started.

Hubby and I used a program like this in Alabama and officially quit smoking 4 months ago - for good! We had been smokers for 25 years. Our state program provided FREE online counseling, as well as FREE patches.

Don't worry if you don't see your state listed.

  • Be aware that almost every state has a toll-free well staffed and well run quitline offering free patches, gum or lozenges.
  • Contact your health department in your state to ask about a quitline.
  • Check your eligibility into the program before completing the necessary personal information online or offline or via the phone.
  • Only approach the quitlines after you have resolved to quit. Your commitment to participate in the program in its entirety without wasting tax dollars will be required.


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