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Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Sizzlin' Baby Coupons

FREE Sample Gucci Perfume - Choose from 3

FREE Sample Gucci Perfume - Choose from 3

From Gucci's FB page:

"Get lost in Gucci's secret garden and watch your personal style bloom. Now's the chance to receive an exclusive sample of one of the sensational scents in our new Flora Garden Collection. Click here for your chance to receive a sample of either Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia or Gracious Tuberose. Spring blossom. Gucci gorgeousness."

FREE Harley Davidson Sticker

FREE Harley Davidson Sticker promoting women who ride
Choose from two designs:)

Need Coffee? Get a FREE Coffee Maker!


Purchase four Gevalia coffee or tea products for $9.99 and receive FREE Coffeemaker.

I actually own a Gevalia coffee maker in white, though it's a few years old. It still works beautifully and makes a great cup of coffee too. Maybe it's time for me to upgrade, I like the new design! Mhmmm hot coffee with sugar and sweet cream sounds lovely about now. Where else can you get a caffeine fix AND a FREE coffeemaker?

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It's that time again -PRINT YOUR Q's - the end of the month is here! 

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Red Plum


FREE Meow Mix Paté Toppers w/Q & My Cats

Click HERE to visit Wal-mart online and scroll down to Meow Mix. Fill out the form to receive a coupon for a Free cup of Meow Mix Paté Toppers and $1.00 off any size bag of Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food. I got mine in the mail Friday, so I'll have a happy cats. Meet Lily & Tabitha...

Lily was born with one eye and is partially blind in the other. She is very vocal, especially when she wants in or out. She happiest when our dog Sarge cleans her.

Tabitha is the household dominatrix, she rules over everyone. She particularly loves to tell me when it's bedtime by following me from room to room or trying to climb in my lap repeatedly. Awkward when your in the middle of something.

FREE Depend Sample from Target

FREE Depend Sample from Target- great for donations!