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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Have You Tried The Dollar Shave Club?


I have to be honest, I hate women's razors. I don't like how they work, the girly color options and especially how expensive they are. This month, after reading several reviews and having A friend tell me about the program, I decided to give in and try it. After all, I think my hubby is sick of me dulling his blades and replacing them is costly. After reviewing the options at Dollar Shave Club, I settled on the $6.00 package, which includes a razor handle, four blades and free shipping. After placing my order, I set it up so I will receive new blades every other month. I'm really excited about the savings and can't wait to receive my box!

It's simple to join, just sign up by selecting a razor and creating an account. They ship you blades and a handle in your first order! You can then choose to have new blades shipped to you every month or every other month, like a subscription, no hassle, no worries. You are free to cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Have you tried them? Let us know what you think!


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