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Friday, February 12, 2016

Art Naturals Blackhead Remover Kit - Hygienic and Skin Safe

Art Naturals Blackhead Remover Kit
Best Deal Under $10

At some point all of us have suffered from acne, it's actually the most common skin disease. If you pick at your pimples, you're helping to spread bacteria and can eventually get scars or dark spots on your skin from your nails digging in. Art Naturals Blackhead Remover Kit is a simple, affordable and hygienic solution. This premium grade stainless steel set comes with five looped tools to handle any size blemish and keeps your fingers off your skin. It's similar to ones used by professional dermatologists and estheticians. This kit also includes a white zippered case, a pamphlet containing detailed instructions and a slot securing each tool in it's own place.

These tools have great grips, are perfectly weighted and do not bend.

Which tool you use, will depend on the size of your blemish.

A: whiteheads
B: tough blackheads
C: lancing
D: body blemishes

Before you begin, you'll want to clean and steam your face to soften the skin, perfect for after showering. You simply choose which tool and which end is appropriate for your blemish size and type, align it on the skin, apply firm - but gentle pressure and pull sideways. This action forces the blockage out of the skin. These tools work especially well on the forehead, chin, nose and jaw-line. I found that acne that is in the soft cheeky area is the most difficult to work with, not allowing you to really "grip" the skin well. Once you're done, you'll want to cleanse your face again, apply toner and moisturize. To sanitize any tool used, soak in alcohol or boil in water.

PROS: doesn't tear skin, various sizes, zippered case, heavy-duty
CONS: difficult to use in the cheek area where the skin is thick and soft

I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for an open, honest and unbiased review. My experiences are my own, we'd love to hear yours!


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