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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ArtNaturals Eyelash Enhancer Growth Serum - Another Success Story

ArtNaturals Eyelashes & Eyebrow Enhancer Growth Serum
No Prescription Needed

I'm a skeptic when it comes to companies that advertise things I find hard to believe, like magically growing better lashes. With age, your lashes and brows tend to become sparse, and I for one, can attest to that. I wanted something to amp up the volume without having to layer on water-proof mascara. The clumpy-look is not in style.

Here's a make-up free close-up of my brittle babies:

I've heard about prescriptions that can give you fuller lashes, and even had friends use it, but that means a doctor visit, and $120 bucks for a product that only gives you 30 applications. Not in my budget.

ArtNaturals Eyelash Growth Serum promises to make thicker, longer eyelashes & brows. It's dermatologist tested and has a non-irritating allergenic formula. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This serum's magical ingredients are Swiss Apple Stem Cells & Myristoyl Pentapetide-17. It's made in the USA and is cruelty-free. I also have experience using this brand and their beauty line, never ceases to impress me.

The eyelash growth serum came in it's own box, had an ingredient list I couldn't pronounce and writing that was difficult to read. I would have loved a pamphlet inside so I wouldn't have to strain my eyes. All that's inside is this little bottle, about the size of my index finger.

The serum is clear and doesn't have any noticeable scent. I was half expecting a mascara wand, but instead found this thin applicator:

Once I was a able to read the instructions, I realized the brush was meant to apply the serum to your lash line ONLY (and your brows). There was no specific mention of using it on lower lashes, so I didn't even attempt to treat them, in fear of getting this stuff in my eye. You should remove all make-up & contacts before putting this stuff on. I didn't want to go blind (call me paranoid, I call it cautiousness), so I complied. I dipped in the brush and paid careful attention, lining my upper lashes at the base completely. Nothing got in my eye, there was no fantastically tingling, just a little dampness until it dried. I did this faithfully every night for a week, AFTER I washed my face, applied moisturizer and eye cream.

This is what my results were:

My lashes have darkened, appear longer, thicker and have more volume after seven days. I didn't even apply mascara! Whoa - THIS STUFF WORKS! I'm sold on ArtNaturals Eyelashes & Eyebrow Enhancer Growth Serum and I'm pretty sure this little bottle is going to last for months on end.

PROS: conditions, promoted growth, thickened lashes
CONS: I still don't know if you should use this on your bottom lashes, the directions aren't clear. Could use a pamphlet inside

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my open, honest and unbiased review. My experiences are my own, we'd love to hear yours!


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