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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Majestic Pure 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil - Get Rid of Pet Odors Naturally

Majestic Pure 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil 4 fl. Oz

Essential oils have been used for years for all sorts of thing from beauty benefits to cleaning products. There's a vast array of ways to use them in every day life. My personal preference is to use various essential oils in my household for aromatic purposes and cleaning. Today, I'd like to talk about Majestic Pure's Natural Tea Tree Oil. It's 100% natural, steam distilled, sustainable farmed, free of pesticides and not animal tested.

My order arrived packaged well in a no-fuss box. The oil was in a large, dark brown glass bottle, sealed and included a a clear plastic dropper.

This is a concentrated bottle, so if you plan to use it in any other way than aromatherapy, you'll need to dilute it with a carrier oil. This Tea Tree oil is clear, potent and has a very strong scent that reminds me of pine-sol. It was really fresh and inviting. I found that while the dropper is pretty tall, I could only effectively fill it halfway.

I hate buying air fresheners, they never last as long as promised and the cost is just not budget friendly in the long-run ( also, eww CHEMICALS). One major obstacle I odor which can be rampant in a small house like mine if you're not proactive. A solution I found, that actually works - Fill a cotton ball with oil and place them inconspicuously around the home, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and the bedrooms! Ahhh it smelled like a pine forest, no more walking in from outside and smelling wet-dog odor (don't judge my furry companion). I did notice that with the Majestic Pure 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil, I would have to re-wet the cotton balls about every 3 days for optimum scent....we like a lot of freshness.

I'm one of the few people that continue to use a vacuum that uses bags, and once it gets a hint of of pet hair in it, vacuuming itself, made my house stink. So now, before I vacuum, I place a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil on the bag itself and the fabric cover. Odors are obliterated with this stuff! I have entirely quit buying carpet powder and aerosol sprays, which were harsh with my son having asthma. I've also found that you can dilute 10 - 20 drops into a gallon of water and mop with it because Majestic Tea Tree oil is not only antibacterial but also antiseptic and anti-fungal.

There are so many other uses for essential oils, run a google search - it's mind boggling.

PROS: Large bottle, not animal tested, 100% natural, smells amazing
CONS: Had to refresh my cotton balls every 3 days. The dropper is big, I just wish it would suck up more product at one time.

I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for an open, honest and unbiased review. My experiences are my own, we'd love to hear yours!


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