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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#RadhaBeauty Perfect Aromatherapy Gift Set

RADHA 6 Piece Essential Oils
100% Pure & Therapeutic grade Under $20

I just recently bought an Essential Oil Diffuser"to use in my home to help keep the air smelling fresh and to improve moods naturally. RADHA Beauty sent us this 6 pack sampler gift set of 100& pure, steam distilled, therapeutic-grade essential oils. The box was sealed well and upon opening, I was impressed with not only the presentation and scent in each bottle, but the extra pamphlet of useful information about each specific oil.

Each bottle contains 10 ML and made from cobalt colored glass with a screw top plastic lid. The six scents included in the box are:

Lavender: light floral scent, used for relaxation and promoting calmness.
Tea Tree Oil: think clove meets pine scent, a natural disinfectant & anti-fungal, this scent is perfect for clearing pet odors out of the air.
Orange: tangy citrus, perfect for promotion positivity
Eucalyptus: sweet mint & pine, helps with congestion, promotes calmness
Lemongrass: earthy grass with lemon notes. Promotes balance and energy
Peppermint: strong menthol, great to liven up the mood

The one thing I noticed after removing the lids, is that the only way to get the oils to come out, is to tip them over and shake gently until you get the amount you want. Again, I used these in a no-heat diffuser, 5 to 6 drops per 100 ML of water and set it to mist 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 6 hours. The scents stayed in the air, weren't over-powering and were noticeable upon entering the room. I really loved the variety of this pack and the quality of the oils were spot on.

Being that these RADHA Beauty essential oils are concentrated and undiluted, you MUST dilute them with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, olive oil, etc. BEFORE applying them directly to your skin.

PROS: natural, potent, great gift, variety
CONS: bottles are glass, so you have to kind of shake them to get the oil drops out

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an open, honest and unbiased review. My experiences are my own, we'd love to hear yours!


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