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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#ArtNaturals Argan Oil Conditioner - Artisanal Indeed

Art Naturals Argan Oil Daily Hair Conditioner 16 Oz
Under $15

Let me give you a little hair history. I am over forty, hair is just above shoulder-length, suddenly have course hair, no longer dye it and have allowed all 50 shades of grey to come in naturally. I use a purple-hued salon shampoo twice a week to keep the brassiness at bay. The downside is that is severely dries out my hair even though I match it with the conditioner. I am a chronic blow-dryer user, which I know doesn't help. In my defense, my hair just looks miserable if I let it air dry.

Argan oil is superb for hydration and my hair needed moisture desperately. Along comes this Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, I mention both because I already use their restorative shampoo daily and loved it. Getting the conditioner was just a natural next step, I just like the way my hair feels after using it and I needed something for daily use.

My conditioner arrived, packed well, sealed and (as usual with this brand), the bottle looks crafty and professional. Bonus - no salon needed. The top flips open to disperse, but I really would have loved a pump.

The conditioner itself is white, smells sweet with floral notes and is extremely thick, very similar consistency to a hair mask that I use weekly. There is no need to pour a ton of it in your hair, a little bit goes a long way. I used a dollop about the size of a quarter and it spread through my hair smoothly, let it sit, then rinsed well and towel dried.

I proceeded to blow dry my hair on low heat, as usual and styled with a rounded brush. I had no tangles! I also noticed that I had a really nice shine going on and my hair didn't feel weighed down. What sealed the deal for me is the next day, my hubby went to give me a kiss and told me my hair smelled really nice. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. I have weird body chemistry and have a hard time holding scents both on my skin and in my hair. This stuff still smelled so good the next day, that somebody took notice.

Now this Artnaturals conditioner is Fair Trade Certified, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free and is made with recycled materials. One thing that bothered me is actually seeing how long the product label is on the bottle itself. I really hate all those fancy words that you have to google to understand.

Overall, I did enjoy using this conditioner and know I can do so daily without any build-up. I felt like I had smoother, more hydrated hair that was easier to manage. Plus, being it's so thick, you actually use less product than you would with a store brand.

PROS: scent stayed in hair, no tangles, nice shine, high-end look, softer, smoother hair
CONS: I really want a pump dispenser and a shorter ingredient list

I did receive this product at a discounted price in exchange for an open honest and unbiased review. I always try to list what I like and dislike about each product I check out. I still remain an avid Artnaturals lover!


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