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Friday, March 4, 2016

Best Loofah - Back scrubber and Bonus Mitt

Best Loofah Extra Long Exfoliating Loofah Back scrubber & Loofah Body scrubber
Under $12

I had an opportunity to review this Best Loofah brand back scrubber and matching bath hand mitt and was surprised at how long the back scrubber is in person. The hand mitt also fits perfectly onto your hand with an elastic strap, firmly staying in place. It comes packaged nicely, so would make a great gift.

This loofah back scrubber is HUGE at 42 inches long, my hubby is a big guy and he was able to use this on his eczema prone back easily, especially since it has a loop handle on each end to hold and an exfoliating portion in the middle right where you need it. Using a moisturizing body wash, he used loofah daily and some dark patches have begun to disappear. This is much easier to use than a brush type loofah, which make you bend your arm in unrealistic positions to get your back scrubbed. He rinses this well, wrings it gently and hangs to dry. You should also know that in the exfoliater center, there is an opening for you to place a bar of soap.

I immediately claimed the bath mitt as my own and use it twice a week in combination with a coffee scrub to exfoliate my skin all over. Doing this has my skin feeling silky and smoother than using the scrub alone. I like to think of my bath time ritual as "me time" to pamper myself and this just takes it to the next level. Again, the mitt fits over your hand with an elastic strap and stays snug without slipping during use. It covers my hand completely but does not come off as too big. One thing I would like to see, is a hanging loop attached to the mitt for easy hanging to drip dry. Right now, I place it in a hanging mesh bag in the shower.

Keep in mind, these are hand wash only, so don't put them in your machine. You will want to sanitize these once per week in a diluted bleach solution (then rinse well) to kill bacteria as loofahs are porous and breed bacteria because they pretty much stay damp and have your dead skin cells on it. Make sure to replace any loofah after 3 months.

PROS: super exfoliation, gets your hard to reach back, long, soap pocket
CONS: no hanging loop on hand mitt

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an open, honest and unbiased opinion. I try to list what I like most and what I dislike about every product my family uses because that's what we look for when reading reviews.


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