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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Coconut Oil Hair Mask - Was It Worth It?

Coconut Oil Hair Mask by RADHA Beauty

I've become a bath snob, there I said it. There is nothing I enjoy more than drawing a hot bath, dropping in some essential oils and pampering myself for an hour from head to toe. It's me-time.

Lately I've become hooked on using Argan oil products for my hair but thought it would be nice to switch it up a bit. The other day I got in RADHA Beauty's Coconut Oil Hair Mask and was really excited because not only does it have Argan oil, it has Rosehip seed oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Ginger oil and 100% pure cold pressed coconut oil. The ingredient list was super small and completely readable! It's for all hair types, but I can see where this would be great to restore dry hair.

This sturdy jar arrived sealed in plastic to prevent leakage. I quickly opened it so I could see what this stuff looks and smells like.

This Coconut Oil Hair Mask was white, slightly greasy and of medium consistency. I would say that is in thinner when comparing it to my Argan Oil hair mask. It smells a bit like Shea butter would, not strong, just a slight hint.

To apply this mask, you'll want to first wash as you normally would. I chose to experiment with this mask on the day I use my purple-hued shampoo for grey hair that leaves my hair dry. I washed first, rinsed well and applied a generous amount onto my scalp, making sure I finger combed through to my ends. My hair is thin, yet course in texture and about shoulder length. I let the mask sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing, you can let it stay in for 20 minutes if you prefer. Now like I said before, I have been using an Argan oil mask and found that with it, I used less product because it was much thicker. This Coconut mask is going to require a little more than you may be used to.

I then moved on to the next step, blow-drying. My hair was tangle-free, felt like it had no residue and styled perfectly. There was no weighted feel to it and I did notice a nice shine. I feel like at this point I can go a day or two before I have to wash gain. My hair is naturally a bit wavy and this mask did not make my hair go flat as some other mask may do.

What I really liked about the coconut oil mask is that it's light and a change from what I have been using, with the same results. You can use this more often than you would a thicker mask and not get that greasy hair look. What I didn't like is that for a hair mask, it's supposed to be thicker than normal conditioner - it wasn't. Overall, I think it's a great product, but really prefer another brand a bit better simply because it last me longer.

I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for an open, honest and unbiased review. My experiences are my own, we'd love to hear yours!


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