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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Natural Pet Shampoo - Wet Dog Smell is Gone!

Honeydew's Natural Pet Shampoo with Lavender & Evening Primrose
8 oz Bottle Under $11

I've had my Sarge for seven years and over the past year, we have tried everything to stop the "wet-dog" smell that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, even when he's dry. Seriously, you could walk in my house and smell dog fur. We changing his food, his treats, bathed often (medicated and oatmeal soaps) and tried deodorizing sprays that made him gag. I had an opportunity to try this shampoo and my first thought when it arrived and I opened it to smell it was..."Hey, this stuff doesn't stink"! It has a pleasant lavender-like smell, with some fruity notes.

The bottle itself has a "press-cap" on it, you press down one side and the other side pops up for dispensing. The shampoo was super thick, creamy and has an opaque sheen to it. I use essential oils in my home for aromatherapy (and to cover pet odors) and loved that this has lavender and evening primrose in the ingredients.

Now Sarge is an English Springer Spaniel and weighs a good 55 lbs, he likes his bathes, but is impatient while I pour soap - a pump dispenser would have been a nice touch. He tends to have some dry, flaky spots on his skin, mostly on his rump near the base of his tail that he likes to itch occasionally.

I always start bathing him at the base of his neck first and work my way backwards. I really liked how this shampoo lathered well, I used way less than I normally would with other soaps. I entertained him (which basically means I keep lathering) while the shampoo sat for a minute and then proceeded to rinse well.

Out of the tub, a good shake and two towels later, he was fairly dry. Funny, no bad odor and while he was actually still damp, no wet dog smell. This is a good sign, I mean even right after bathing him with other stuff, you could still smell an odd odor. Nope, not with this stuff! Sarge smelled fresh and clean.

3 days later, there's less itching on his rear, his coat is shiny (well, he's usually shiny any way to be honest), but there's still no bad odor emitting from my dog. I'm happy to report Sarge is officially allowed back on my bed to rest at his leisure. You can see in the pic, I woke him up.

Honeydew's Natural Pet Shampoo is made in the USA and contains no sulfates or parabens (this is stuff I make sure isn't in my own shampoo). That made me even happier.

PROS: It smells heavenly, odors are GONE, my pooch is itching less
CONS: I would prefer a pump, holding 55 lb dog while you try to pour soap is no fun.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an open, honest and unbiased review. I'm thrilled to report that this is a wonderful product that really gets bad odors off of your pets.


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