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Thursday, March 3, 2016

ArtNaturals 7 Color LED Essential Oil Diffuser - Powerful

7 Color LED Lights Changing Essential Oil Diffuser 100 ML

I love my home to smell refreshing in each room and for it to stay that way throughout the day. I used to have to spray aerosol brands several times a day just so I would keep the scent in the air. About two weeks ago, I gave them up completely and have been trying various brands of cool mist diffusers with essential oils to do the job for me. The benefit of a diffuser, for me, is one of aroma-therapeutic use. I love scents that are calming for the bedroom (lavender), vibrant in the kitchen (lemongrass) and energizing for my office (orange).

I use a lot of Artnaturals products and when I discovered they had a diffuser, I knew I would have to try one out. I picked this 7 color LED lights changing essential oil diffuser with auto shut-off because it seemed very modern looking and would fit well with my decor. Bonus - they have a 100% guarantee with all their products.

This is what the box back and sides look like in case you ever decide to give one as a gift - great packaging and handy info!

Once you open the box, you should have the diffuser itself (it's all plastic, but appears wood-grain), a 5 foot black DC plug (this is a generous cord size), a 100 ML plastic measuring cup and some awesome directions.

To access the water chamber, it will take some practice. You will want to pop off the white top cap, then gently remove the top half of the wood-grain plastic. This is what it looks like.

Last step - remove the white water chamber access panel. To me, this is really way too many steps for a diffuser to have. None of my others are this difficult to access.

Once you have it apart, you will want to plug in the cord first. I say this because I filled mine with water, dropped in my oil, placed it back together and then went looking for where to plug the cord in. It was a hot mess and I ending up spilling it. So again, locate where to plug your cord. It's on the back, under the logo and buttons. Yep...kind of a weird place to put it. I didn't like the placement at all. Next, add in 100 ML of water and about 6 drops of essential oil. Replace the water reservoir cap, pop on the wood-grain cover and slip on the white top cap.

Now that you're done with all the hard work, you have 2 buttons to play with. The top button controls misting and the bottom lighting choices.

Press once and the lights will turn on and cycle through, this also sets the mist mode to run for 3 minutes, shut off for a minute and will repeat until the water is low. It will auto-shut off. You should get a good 6 hours of using this method.

Press a second time and the unit will run in continuous mode and auto shut off when the water is low. You should get about 2 hours in this mode.

Pressing a third time, shuts the unit off

Pressing this button allows you to choose a certain color to stay on

What I love about this diffuser is that it's so sleek looking - It's the best looking one I have received. I want to mention the generous cord length again, because it also has a much longer cord than my others. The variety of colors is pretty nice, though there are other units that have larger panels for more color enjoyment. The biggest thing for me is when diffusing my essential oils, this is probably the most powerful 100 ML diffuser I've had yet when it comes to releasing scent into the air.

Now for what I don't like. I'd really prefer a white cord that plugs in no where near the buttons. I'm not sure if where it's currently located is the back of the unit, I have to assume it is because cords usually run on the back so you can basically hide it. The buttons should be located on the front for easy access, not in the same spot. I also believe that there are just too many steps to access the water chamber, though totally worth it for scent production.

To clean your diffuser, you'll want to wipe it every 4 days with a damp cloth, but make sure you DO NOT wipe the misting chip.

I've included a video so you see how the unit works. I hope it's helpful!

I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for an open, host and unbiased review. I always try to be as detailed as possible and include any pros or cons I think people would like to know about a product.