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Friday, June 16, 2017

Really, It's Not About You..

Do you realize that if you're so busy judging people, you have no time to love them?  Thank you Mother Teresa, that was deep and yeah, we've all done it, but now is a pretty good time to stop because a lot of the time, you don't realize how much you hurt someone when you lay a judgement on them.

Someone is always going to have their opinion about how you live your life. Who knows, maybe that person with their strong opinion is on the right path - but guess what? There's not just one pathway in life and it's okay if you're knocking down trees and carving your own. Me? I'm still in the rain forest, but I've got plans.

You wanna know the secret to not letting it bother you and eat your soul? It's taken me YEARS to learn this, but I kid you not, it actually works....

At the end of every day, especially if it's been a tough one. I've cried, worried, weaved my mind into a tangled mess - because I've struggled to do the right thing. I close my eyes, bow my head and I picture the people in my life that I keep close to me. Those few people who have taken the time to sit with me over the years, I realize they know my heart has always been pure, honest and good, even when I've made mistakes. They have never once questioned my intentions, though, I'll admit perhaps sometimes my sanity. They remind me that I am worthy all by myself and whole.


 I forgive them and I wish them the gift of forgiveness I forgive the person that judged me or judged someone I love. I let that shit go. Now at first you might struggle with it, but I promise it gets easier.


I finally realized, it's not about me, the person that made a judgement, it's about them. They have something that they need to release, that they haven't let go, that they need to forgive. That's their job, not yours. I wish them love & light & the ability to forgive whatever burden they may still carry within themselves.

Happy Friday - Go out and spread some positive energy this weekend. The world needs more of that.

Make your own path


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